The Top 15 Best New Android and iOS Releases for Jan & Feb 2023

15 Super Huge Games Released in January 2021 for Android and iOS

January 2021 has been an incredible month for new games on Android and iOS devices. Whether you’re ready to commit now or later, there are about 15 super huge games released these past few days and they are all free to play!

1. Principles

Principles is an action-adventure exploration-based Walking Sim, built to capture the realistic feel of playing on a mobile device. This game has over 10,000 downloads on the Play Store and is completely free.

2. Pacific’s War irojima World War II

This game is developed by Tornado Studios, the same developers who created the popular game, Dennis Fury World War II. This new game is quite a bit inspired by its predecessor and is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter game, which is free to play and takes up only 500 megabytes of space on your device.

3. Strangers Awakened

If you’re into team-based strategy MOBA action slashers, Strangers Awakened is the game for you! It has a few in-app purchases for further support, is free, and has some pretty legitimate gameplay in matches of up to 15 minutes.

4. Minecraft Action Platform Adventure

Minecraft Action Platform Adventure is a 10 out of 10 in replay value. This game is even playable with a controller and is playable offline, with tons of items to loot and upgrades to obtain. Best of all, it’s completely free.

5. Bloody Fight

Developed by the same developers as Principles, Bloody Fight is so underrated that it’s not even rated yet. It’s quite similar to any classic nostalgia game that came out for the past six months, and if you’re considering picking up Streets of Rage 4 but can’t afford its $10 price tag, this game is a worthwhile alternative. It’s free, but does contain occasional ads.

6. Shadow Slayer the Dark Impacts

This game could easily be number one on this list, but we are still not entirely sure that it works on all devices and is globally available for free. If you have ever enjoyed a Souls-like hack and slasher and a Castlevania game, this game delivers all of those lucky beasts and more, and it’s as fast-paced as a fast-paced game should be.

7. Premise of Air

If you’re into online strategy games, this game is for you! Sitting on the Play Store with over a million downloads since only two weeks ago, Premise of Air is ranked as the number one strategy free-to-play Game of the Year by the Play Store itself.

8. Final Fantasy 15 War of EOS

This hero collecting strategy and turn-based RPG online game is set in the Final Fantasy Universe and has all of the mini-games and cards found in Final Fantasy 8. It’s free to play and is almost like an idol game with 3D graphics.

9. Border of Wild

Border of Wild is an action survival tactic slash turn-based strategy game with an added element of survival. This game is playable online, takes up 300 megabytes of space, and has been downloaded over a million times since January 11.

10. Cross the Ages: Short TCG

This is a tabletop deck-based game in nature and is free to play only online. It is quite similar to Marvel’s Snap and is pretty addicting to play.

11. Big Hit Football

If you’re into sports games, Big Hit Football is a game to look out for. It’s a game all about football and it was released in January.

12. NBA Absolute Superstars

This game is a console game playable on mobile devices with amazing graphics and is super fun and replayable. It’s free to play and was released worldwide only two weeks ago.

13. Various Day Live Mobile

This game is about $25, making it one of the most expensive games on this list, but it is completely worth it. Various Day Live Mobile is a turn-based RPG story-based adventure and is one of the most rewarding games, according to players who have played it.

14. Abide

This game is developed by the same developers behind Principles, our number one game on this list. Abide is an open-world RPG monster breathing action RPG, highly inspired by the Digimon cards and Genshin effect, and is free with only one in-app purchase.

15. Pacify

If you’re into horror games, Pacify is a game worth checking out. It’s a scary game with a lot of jumpscares that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

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