“The iPhone of Android”: A Comprehensive Review of the Galaxy S22

What Do the Early 2000s San Antonio Spurs, Current-Day Phoenix Suns, and the Galaxy S22 Series Have in Common?

The early 2000s San Antonio Spurs, the current-day Phoenix Suns, and the Galaxy S22 Series all have one thing in common: they are drama-free, a bit boring, but really good. Both the Spurs and the Suns prioritize good fundamentals and teamwork, while the Galaxy S22 takes what was already good about Samsung’s flagship phones and improves upon it without taking any huge risks.

The Spurs and Suns: Good Fundamentals and Teamwork

The Spurs of the early 2000s were not just a one-trick pony; they relied on good fundamentals, ball movement, high percentage shots, and sharing the load. Similarly, the Phoenix Suns of today do not have one standout MVP superstar; the whole team is really good, and there are no weaknesses. Both teams prioritize teamwork and solid fundamentals over flashy plays that casual fans might appreciate.

The Galaxy S22: Boringly Good

The Galaxy S22 is a solid phone that delivers in all the areas that Samsung flagship phones are known for: water resistance, solid speakers, clicky buttons, top-of-the-line ultrasonic fingerprint reader, and a nice satin finish. While some might find the phone boring, Samsung took what was already good and made it better, resulting in a phone that has no glaring weaknesses. The S22 is smaller and more squared off than its predecessor, with glass on the back instead of plastic. The in-the-hand feel of the smaller S22 is noteworthy, as it feels more compact despite still having a six-inch screen. The S22 and S22+ both have flat, 1080P, 120 Hertz, adaptive AMOLED panels, with the Plus having a higher max brightness than the S22. Both phones have good battery life, but heavy use can drain the battery quickly due to the high-performance chip. The only downside to the S22 is the vibration motor, which has been downgraded from a Z-axis vibration motor to an X-axis vibration motor.

The Exciting Potential Superstar Upgrade on Galaxy S22

While the Galaxy S22 does not have any huge standout features, it does have some exciting potential superstar upgrades. One such upgrade is the 

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