Take a Close Look at The Latest Release: Android 14 is Here! 😍

Heading 1: Android 14 Developer Preview for Pixel Smartphones
Heading 2: Introduction
Even when you feel low you can still go, even when you feel slow you can still go, even when there’s no hope you can still go. This popular saying can be applied to the world of technology as well. No matter how slow or difficult the process may seem, one can still go forward.
Heading 2: Overview
In this video, we will be discussing the release of the first Android 14 developer preview for Pixel smartphones. This much-awaited release by Google has brought some changes to the previous Android version. In this article, we will explore the changes and updates that come with this developer preview.
Heading 2: Android 14 Developer Preview Changes
Firstly, for those who are concerned about the software information, the Android version says “Upside Down Cake” with a 5th February 2023 security patch, and the build number is 0.009. Moving on to the changes, not many have been made with this first developer preview, but we will be seeing new add-ons in future updates.
Heading 3: Lock Screen
Upon locking the device, you won’t see much of a difference on the lock screen, however, there is a slight change in the text of the date, day and weather. The newer build has a slight shadow effect and the text is thinner compared to the previous version.
Heading 3: Home Screen
As for the home screen, there is a difference in the font of the lock screen with a slight shadow effect. The quick setting tiles also show a noticeable change. The gap between the status bar and quick setting tiles is now minimal. The battery life indication has also been improved in the Android 14 developer preview.
Heading 3: App Drawer
In the app drawer, the search bar has been modified with a grayish color that distinguishes it from the other portions of the drawer. This change was already present in the QPR Beta.
Heading 3: Battery Section Changes
Google has made a few changes to the battery section as well, including the breakdown by apps and breakdown by system options. The Adaptive battery option has been moved to the battery saver section. There is also a new battery saver mode and Extreme battery saver mode, with options to adjust the essential apps by their usage.
Heading 2: Conclusion
These were some of the notable changes found with the Android 14 developer preview for Pixel smartphones. Keep an eye out for more updates in the future. Don’t forget to subscribe and smash that like button if you enjoyed this content.

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