Review of Wireless Carplay on 9-inch Android Radio Installed in Lexus GS350

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Iron Milly TV: Android 10.0 Unit Installation & Review

Welcome back to Iron Milly TV! Thank you for dropping by and checking out the board today. We have a new video for y’all where we will be showcasing the league that we put in the new wheel.

Android Unit Installation

I said this junior, I bought the unit back in November. I put the unit in, but I took it out because I couldn’t get it to work how I needed to work at that time. I took it out, sold it, and it made its way back to me like a month later. Just last week, I was off, so I took the time and put it in. I took my time this time around, and it came out how I needed it to come out. I can access everything on it that I need to do with it. I’m able to do everything I need to do with it, and it’s been nothing but good since then.

In this video, I’m going to give you a rundown on what it does and some pros and cons about the unit. There are more pros than cons, but anything can happen. You know you have a pull and a kind or anything. Outside of that, I like the unit.

Android Unit Features

There are two units that you can get for this car, and I’m going to get the second unit eventually. I was just trying to try something out that would be quick, fast, and not have too much flash. Even though it’s still kind of flashy because it does a lot. The newer 2020s do this unit, and it’s insane for real, man.

This unit is the Android 10.0 Unit by XY Auto purchased off AliExpress. I’ll leave the link in the description below. They have them on eBay, but at the time when I purchased it, it wasn’t. Then everything was coming from China. If you purchased it off eBay, it was still coming from China. So, I just went through AliExpress because it was cheaper.

Android Unit Pros and Cons

It was cheaper on AliExpress than it was on eBay. On eBay, it was like $250-$260 somewhere around there. To get everything that has the built-in car plate and all that, you had to spend anywhere between $270-$300 on eBay. As of right now, it’s trying to pair to the phone, and the car, the Apple CarPlay.

I’m going to go into some more detailed information on what you can do for pros and cons about this unit. It’s an eight out of ten at the moment, still have some things I want to tweak with it. I want to make sure it does everything that it’s supposed to do, can do, and will do. That’s what I do when I get these units, especially when I get a car, and the stock model has the best system in the world, and the best engine in the world. I just like something about aftermarket head, you understand me a lot.

Android Unit Navigation

I guess it’s the customizability that’s even a word. That’s my thing as far as the aftermarket. I’m going to dive into it. So, I’m trying to make this video as quick as possible. This is the Apple CarPlay screen. The only time you get to this screen is when your phone connects to the unit.

It’s the only time you get this Apple CarPlay stuff. You go to the home screen, Apple CarPlay store, and the home screen are two totally different screens. This is my home screen, the slide your screen will look when it comes out of the box.

This is a car launcher that I downloaded from the Play Store. The factory launcher is a plain thing with a blue background, and I didn’t like that. So, I downloaded the car launch, and it works smoothly. I did that, and as you can see, I have apps right here. Not really a whole lot of apps, but you know, after I use Disney now, there’s something extra.

Android Unit Camera Features

I downloaded the two of the app. Yes, I downloaded traffic safety gear. It comes on the unit, and you have to activate it through the file manager. So, I did that. What that does is show you the front cam. You see that, that’s the front pan. That’s what that does to save anything all that.

This is the back cam. I’m still trying to figure this thing out, but I like this cam better than the factory camera. Mainly, the aftermarket camera is exactly where the factory camera is.

Thank you for watching, and make sure you like, comment, and subscribe for more videos.

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