New and Amazing Android Apps That You Cannot Miss Installing in 2023!

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10 New Incredible Applications for the Month of January 2023


Goli: A Gold Tracker App

Flow Productivity Launcher

Water Watch: Personalized Movie and Series Recommendations

Auto Scroll: Must-Have App for Video Lovers

Wall Story: High Quality Wallpaper App

Jam Jars: Savings Organizer App

Autumn KWGT: Widget Pack for Home Screen Customization

FreeCoa: Widget for Frequently Used Apps

Voice Liner: Quick Note-Taking App

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Hey everyone, it’s Mr. Android here and welcome back to another video on this channel. Before we dive into the new apps, let me take a moment to wish you all a Happy New Year! Today, I’ll be sharing 10 new incredible applications for the month of January 2023. And hold on to your seats, because I’ll even be giving away promo codes for three different apps, so make sure to watch till the very end.

Let’s start with the first app on the list, Goli – a Gold Tracker app that seamlessly integrates with your Google calendar to help you achieve all your goals. Whether you want to read more books, learn a new language, or start working out more frequently, Goli makes it easy. Just select a goal, set a time, and choose how often you’d like to achieve it. The app uses a smart algorithm to schedule your goals in the background at the right time. Plus, its integration with your Google calendar makes it easy to follow up.

Next up, we have Flow Productivity Launcher – a simple and minimalistic launcher that boosts productivity. Once you set it as your default launcher, you get a clean home screen with your favorite apps, date and time widget, and an actual screen time widget. Swiping right from the home screen provides access to essential widgets like the Google Calendar and the to-do list. What’s interesting is that the app comes with a focus mode that restricts access only to the home screen apps, thereby eliminating all the distractions.

Thirdly, Water Watch is an app that saves you time by recommending personalized content from your favorite genre. It has a lot of filters to find movies and series based on your taste, and it shows movie ratings and where you can watch them. All the recommendations are personalized to your preference, making it a must-have app to find good content without hassle.

If you’re someone who loves watching YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, or TikTok videos, then you absolutely need to try Auto Scroll – an app that automatically swipes into the next video once you finish watching one. It’s a free and convenient app that can be useful while multitasking.

Wall Story is a wallpaper app that I recently came across, and it quickly became one of my favorites for high quality, exclusive wallpapers. Although it’s a paid app, it has 30+ categories of wallpapers to choose from, making it worth the investment. I’ll even be giving away promo codes for this app, so make sure to comment and like this video.

Jam Jars is an app that lets you organize your savings in a functional and beautiful way. You can set different jars for various purposes with custom colors and track your financial goals effortlessly. The UI looks clean and is user-friendly with some beautiful animations.

Autumn KWGT is the widget pack used for my home screen. It comes with over 50 beautifully designed, handcrafted widgets that can make your home screen stand out. Plus, it has 20 exclusive wallpapers, making it easy to find the perfect wallpaper for your widgets. Although it’s a paid app, I’ll be giving away 25 promo codes in this video, so don’t forget to drop a like, comment and DM me on Instagram.

Freecoa is a super simple app that helps you place widgets for your most frequently used apps based on your app usage data. It provides a list of apps that you use most frequently and updates the widget in real-time. With the option to customize the widget background color, layout, and icon packs, this app is a fantastic way to stay organized.

Lastly, Voice Liner is an app that lets you jot down quick notes or create lists by speaking into your phone. Hold down the record button and say whatever you want, and the app converts your speech into text. It’s one of the easiest ways to note down things on the go.

That’s a wrap, folks! I hope you enjoyed learning about these 10 new apps for the month of January 2023. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for even more app reviews and tech-related content. Until next time, I’m Mr. Android signing off.

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