Les meilleures applications pour iPhone et Android #1

Exploring the Best Apps for Smartphone Users

In this video, we will be exploring the top five must-have apps for your daily use on your smartphone. The apps mentioned below are available on both iOS and Android platforms.

1. Typewise: Reinventi the Keyboard
Typewise wishes to reinvent the keyboard for smartphone users by introducing a Hexagon keyboard. The keyboard aims to optimize text entry on your phone. Once you download the app, it only takes about one to two weeks to get used to the new keyboard layout. You can save a few seconds for each touch, given its accessibility and intuitive design. All keys are directly accessible without having to press any additional keys. You can drag upwards to capitalize, swipe up, tap and hold for special characters and emojis.

Moreover, the app has an interesting feature that allows you to erase and put back several characters at once. The app is free to download, with options to buy additional features.

2. Billbot: Subscription Life Saver
Billbot is a subscription manager app that reminds you before your subscription renews. Often, we forget about renewals and end up getting billed unexpectedly. Billbot allows you to register all your subscriptions and notifies you before the renewal date. The app is free and you just need to add all your subscriptions into the app.

3. Walli: Beautiful Wallpapers
Walli is an application that allows you to download beautiful wallpapers created by designers. Moreover, the advertising integrated into the application pays the designers. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you have access to a vast collection of wallpapers that are different and sorted into themes. You can even choose between rectangle or square format to use on your social media handles.

4. Invisible Icon: Organize Your Screens Differently
Invisible Icon allows you to create invisible icons to organize your screens differently. First, take a screenshot of your phone wallpaper. Then, launch the app and select the screenshot. You will see all the icons on your screen. Next, select the icon you’d like to make invisible and open the page. Share the page, place it on the home screen, and validate the application. Invisible icons allow you to organize your screens differently and give a unique aesthetic look.

5. Parcel or Toinette Package: Track Your Packages
Parcel and Toinette Package allows you to track your packages directly and automatically. Both apps automatically detect your order numbers and parcel numbers linked to your major websites. You can add orders manually or connect to your Amazon account and retrieve all your orders.

This video explores the top five must-have apps for daily use on your smartphones. You can click on the links in the description to download them on your iOS or Android platforms. If you enjoyed this concept, feel free to like, share and subscribe to this channel.

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