Easily Update Your Android Device to the Latest Version

Upgrading Your Android Version: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to Summit’s Learning Pub, the number one learning channel on YouTube. In today’s tutorial, we will be covering how to upgrade your Android version. You may currently be using Android 8.1.0, but it is not necessary to be at this level. Whether you are using Android 7, Android 6, or another version, we will show you how to increase your Android version.

Often, newer apps on the Google Play Store require a higher Android version than the one our phone is currently operating. This can be frustrating, but our tutorial will put an end to your worries. The best part? You won’t need any roots to upgrade your Android version.

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Let’s dive right in. Under settings, you will see options like languages and input, gestures, date and time, backup, developer options, system updates, reset options, and about my phone. First, you will need to make sure you are a developer. To do this, go to the “about phone” option and click on the build number up to seven times. This will enable your developer options tab.

Developer options allow deeper settings into your phone, but be careful not to alter anything that could damage your phone. Going too deep into the developer options tab may influence the working status of your phone.

Now, let’s move on to system updates. You will see that it says “download post” on my phone. The key is to press resume if you have already attempted to download the system updates in the past. If you are watching this video to learn how to update your Android version, simply follow our instructions and wait for it to scan.

The system update will scan to see if you have an update available. I have personally upgraded phones from Android 4 to Android 6, Android 5 to Android 7, and Android 7 to Android 9. It is important to note that each phone has its own Android update version limitations, and not all phones may be able to update their Android version. Your phone may have been designed not to have an Android version update, so be sure to be hopeful and prayerful.

If your phone is eligible for an update, the download and installation process typically takes up to 10 minutes. Once completed, your phone will restart. If your Android version has been updated, you will see an improvement in performance and stability.

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