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How to Rewrite a 1000-Word Article

Are you struggling to come up with original content for your website or blog? One solution is to rewrite existing articles and add your own spin to them. In this article, we’ll explore the process of rewriting a 1000-word article and how to enhance it with HTML headings.

Step 1: Understand the Original Article

Before you begin the rewriting process, take the time to thoroughly read and understand the original article. Identify the main ideas and concepts, as well as any supporting details or examples. Pay attention to the tone, style and overall structure of the article.

Step 2: Paraphrase the Article

The key to rewriting an article is to maintain the original meaning while using your own words and phrasing. Start by summarizing each paragraph in your own words, then use those summaries to rewrite the entire article. Avoid copying and pasting from the original article as this can result in plagiarism.

Step 3: Add Your Own Insights and Examples

A successful rewrite should include your own insights and examples to supplement the original content. This could be in the form of personal experiences, research you have conducted or additional resources to back up the original points.

Step 4: Enhance Your Article with HTML Headings

HTML headings can break up your article into sections, making it easier to read and understand. Headings also help with search engine optimization by indicating the structure and hierarchy of your content. Use headings to introduce new sections or subtopics in your article, and make sure to use different heading levels to indicate the importance of each section.


Rewriting articles can be a valuable way to provide fresh content to your readers while saving time and effort. By following these steps and using HTML headings, you can create a unique article with your own perspective and voice.

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