“2022 Android Studio Tutorial: Building a Quiz Application”

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Creating a Simple Quiz Application in Android Studio


In this Android application development video in Android Studio, we will learn how to create a simple quiz application. At the end of this video, we will have developed a quiz application featuring four questions, answers, and a responsive score display.

Step-by-Step Procedure: Developing the Quiz Application in Android Studio

Follow these steps to create a simple quiz application in Android Studio:

1. Create a new project and select an empty activity

Give the application name as “my quiz application” and select Marshmallow. Click on “finish,” and the project will load successfully.

2. Design the UI of the quiz application

Navigate to “activity_main.xml” and begin designing the quiz application. Remove the “Hello World” text view, then change the constraint layout to relative layout. Add a teal color to the relative layout, then add a text view for “Total Question.”

Below “Total Question,” add a linear layout for displaying all the answers. Set the width of the linear layout to “match parent” and the height to “wrap content.” Within the linear layout, add the first button with “match parent” height and “wrap content” width. Place the button at the center by setting “center in parent” to “true.”

Copy the button to create the next three buttons. Assign each button an ID: “answer a,” “answer b,” “answer c,” and “answer d.” Assign them text as well, such as “Answer A” for answer A.

Above the linear layout, add a text view for the question. Give it a width of “match parent,” a height of “wrap content,” and a text size of “24 db.” Set the text color to white and the alignment to center. Then, set a margin of about 20 db.

Now, add an ID to the linear layout. The ID should be “choices layout.”

Add a bold text style to the question text view, then add a “submit” button below the “choices layout.”

3. Run the application

Run the application and remove “Action bar” from the “resource values themes” to view the quiz application.

4. Create a model class for question answers

Create a model class containing an array of strings for the questions, a 2D array for the options, and a string array for the correct answers.

5. Create references to UI views in MainActivity

Create a reference to all UI views in MainActivity, such as “Total Question” and “Submit Button.”

6. Implement onClickListener and declare necessary variables

Implement an onClickListener for all buttons in MainActivity. Declare necessary variables such as “integer score,” “integer total questions,” “index current question index,” and “string selected answer.”

7. Load and display questions and answers

Load and display the questions and answers in MainActivity by creating a separate method called “load new question.”

Use the “questions” and “choices” arrays to display each question and its four corresponding answers. Load the first question and answer when the application is first run.

8. Add scoring functionality and reset functionality:

Add scoring functionality by incrementing the score when the correct answer is selected. Reset the quiz application by setting the score back to 0 and the current question index back to 0.


By following these 8 steps, you can create a simple quiz application in Android Studio that features four questions and answers with a responsive score display.

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